Ultraviolette F99: India’s Pinnacle in Electric Motorcycle Engineering

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Ultraviolette F99: India’s Pinnacle in Electric Motorcycle Engineering

Ultraviolette F99


Ultraviolette's F99 electric motorcycle represents a quantum leap in the world of high-performance electric vehicles.

In a groundbreaking revelation at EICMA 2023, Ultraviolette, the Bengaluru-based electric vehicle pioneer, unveiled its latest marvel - the F99 electric motorcycle. This introduction not only signifies Ultraviolette's venture into the world of high-performance racing motorcycles but also establishes the F99 as a pinnacle of innovation and speed in the electric vehicle market.

Key Features of Ultraviolette F99:

1. Unmatched Speed and Power:

The F99 electric motorcycle boasts a liquid-cooled powertrain capable of reaching an astounding top speed of 265 kilometers per hour (kmph). With a kerb weight of 178 kilograms, it strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability on the track.

2. Race-Spec Powerhouse:

The race-spec version featured at EICMA introduces a new liquid-cooled motor, elevating the F99's peak power to an impressive 120 bhp (90 kW). Accelerating from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 3 seconds, the F99 positions itself as a frontrunner in the electric motorcycle racing circuit.

3. Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics:

Ultraviolette has left no stone unturned in enhancing the F99's aerodynamics. The inclusion of winglets and ducts on the front cowl and side panels not only contributes to the motorcycle's aesthetic appeal but actively enhances downforce during cornering. These components are electronically actuated in real-time, adapting seamlessly to varying lean angles for optimal performance.

4. Futuristic Design:

This fully-faired electric motorcycle doesn't just excel in performance but also captivates with its futuristic design. Sharp panels, carbon fiber elements, and an integrated air windshield not only contribute to the motorcycle's visual appeal but also play a crucial role in improving its overall performance.

Global Launch Plans:

Ultraviolette has set its sights on the global stage with plans to launch the F99 sportsbike worldwide in 2025. The F99 Factory Racing Program, a testament to Ultraviolette's commitment to excellence, extends beyond racing and encompasses the production version. Expected to hit global markets in 2025, the F99 comes with an anticipated price tag of around Rs 8 lakh (ex-showroom).

Ultraviolette F99

Expansion to the European Market:

In an exciting development, Ultraviolette Automotive has announced the impending availability of the F77 electric motorcycle in Europe. Priced between 9,000 to 11,000 Euros, the European variant promises to deliver performance figures akin to the F77 Space Edition, launched in August 2023. Registrations for the European-spec F77 open on November 15, 2023.

Track-Ready Innovation:

Unlike its predecessor, the F99 is explicitly designed for track use. Slick tires, a mirrorless design, and the absence of a provision for a registration plate holder underscore its focus on delivering an unparalleled racing experience. Drawing inspiration from fighter jets, the F99's striking appearance is accentuated by prominent winglets and signature Ultraviolette lighting.

Ultraviolette F99

Technological Advancements:

1. Weight-Saving Measures:

The F99 incorporates advanced weight-saving measures, featuring carbon fiber bodywork that contributes to its reduced weight of 178 kilograms. This makes it one of India's fastest electric two-wheelers, ensuring a thrilling and agile ride on the track.

Ultraviolette F99

2. Active Aerodynamics Package:

An innovative active aerodynamics package is a standout feature of the F99. The 'air windshield' and an electronically-actuated 'Air-Blade' work in tandem to enhance airflow and downforce during cornering, further solidifying its position as a technological marvel in the electric motorcycle realm.