Suzuki unveils e-Burgman electric scooter at Tokyo showcase event

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Suzuki unveils e-Burgman electric scooter at Tokyo showcase event

Suzuki e-Burgman electric scooter

Removable battery packs provide a 44 km range at 60 km/h speed.

Suzuki recently took center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show, unveiling a prototype that's set to make waves in the world of electric mobility – the e-Burgman electric scooter. What sets this e-scooter apart from the crowd is its ingenious feature – the handy Gachaco removable batteries.

In terms of aesthetics, the e-Burgman bears a striking resemblance to its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart, a familiar sight on the streets of India. Its dimensions are worth noting, measuring 1,825 mm in length, 765 mm in width, and standing tall at 1,140 mm. Riders will appreciate the comfortable seat height of 780 mm.

One significant departure from the ICE version is the absence of under-seat storage in the e-Burgman. The reason behind this change is the smart placement of the battery packs beneath the seat. As for its weight, the e-scooter tips the scales at a manageable 147 kg.

At the heart of the e-Burgman resides an AC synchronous electric motor, delivering a robust 5.36 BHP (Brake Horsepower) and a torque of 18 Nm. However, the standout feature of this electric scooter is the Gachaco removable batteries. These batteries empower the e-Burgman with an impressive range of 44 km when cruising at a steady 60 km/h.

But Suzuki's work doesn't stop at the prototype's showcase. They are actively engaged in conducting demonstration experiments in their home country of Japan. These experiments are not just for show; they are designed to collect vital riding data. This data will be instrumental in fine-tuning the e-scooter and laying the groundwork for the development of future models.

As electric mobility continues to gain traction on a global scale, Suzuki's commitment to innovation and improvement could play a pivotal role in shaping the future of urban commuting. The e-Burgman's impressive specifications and the promise of even better models on the horizon make it a beacon of hope for those looking to embrace electric transportation in style and convenience. The e-Burgman is more than just a prototype; it's a glimpse into the electrifying future of urban mobility.