Rivot Motors introduces NX100 electric scooters, starting at Rs. 89,000

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Rivot Motors introduces NX100 electric scooters, starting at Rs. 89,000

Rivot NX100


Rivot Motors offers upgradable electric scooters with the option to enhance range by paying the price difference, providing flexibility to buyers.

Rivot Motors, a key player in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, has launched the Rivot NX100 electric scooter range. This lineup comprises five variants, each designed to cater to diverse rider preferences and requirements. With prices starting at Rs 89,000, these electric scooters are set to offer an affordable and eco-friendly transportation option to Indian consumers.

Variants and Colors

The Rivot NX100 range encompasses five variants: Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports, and Offlander. Each variant offers a distinct set of features and is priced to accommodate various budgets.

Among the variants, the Street Rider lineup includes three sub-variants: Classic, Premium, and Elite, available in an impressive array of seven colors: Black, White, Grey, Mineral Green, Pista, Pink, and Purple. The Sports variant features a striking white and orange dual-tone color scheme, while the top-end Offlander variant stands out in a Desert color.

Rivot Nx100

Upgradable Range

One notable feature of the Rivot NX100 range is its upgradable range. Buyers can opt to pay the price difference and upgrade the range of their existing scooters, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing needs.

Make in India

As part of the 'Make in India' initiative, the Rivot NX100 is entirely manufactured in Belagavi, Karnataka, showcasing the brand's commitment to local production and quality.

Impressive Range Capability

The Rivot NX100 electric scooter stands out as the only model capable of completing the journey from Belagavi to Bengaluru with a single recharge stop, covering approximately 545 kilometers. The range starts at 100 kilometers and can be expanded to 300 kilometers, adapting to varying commuting needs.

Energy Efficiency

Rivot's motor inverter technology ensures high energy efficiency, providing a range of 55-60 kilometers per kilowatt-hour (KWh).

Rivot Nx100

Battery Chemistry for Indian Conditions

The vehicle features specialized LiMFP battery chemistry that performs optimally in India's diverse temperature conditions, designed to withstand the country's climate challenges.

Motor Technology

Rivot's unique motor combines IPMSM and SynRM technology, offering the advantages of high torque at both low and high RPM, a notable improvement over conventional IPMSM and SynRM motors.

Built for Indian Roads

With an enclosed belt drive, the Rivot NX100's powertrain is well-protected against the rigors of Indian road conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.

Rivot Motors' NX100 range aims to provide an accessible and versatile electric scooter option to Indian riders, supporting the shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Here are the NX100 variants and specs:

Classic Premium Elite Sports Offlander
– Real Range: 100 Km – Real Range: 200 Km – Real Range: 200 Km Real Range: 200 Km – Real Range: 300 Km
– Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Top Speed: 100 Kmph
– Battery Pack: 1920 Wh – Combi Brake System – Battery Pack: 3840 Wh – Battery Pack: 5760 Wh – Battery Pack: 3840 Wh – Battery Pack: 5760 Wh
– recoEngine – Everything in Classic, plus: – Everything in Premium, – Everything in Premium, plus: – rideCam – Everything in Elite, plus:
– Reverse Gear – rideOS 3.1 plus: – Proximity Unlock – Up to 300KM Real Range (upgradable to 500KM)
– 7.84″ Segment Display – Center Stand – APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) – rideCam – Race Track Theme – Off-Road Theme
– Steel Tyre RIM – LED Projector Headlights – phoneLock – comfortKey – rollProtect – ComfortBoot – Rugged Ready Protection Cage
– 750W Portable charger – Boost – 7.84″ Touchscreen with 4G Internet, Multimedia & Navigation – Lady Foot Rest – comfortBoot – Off-Road Tires
– 90/90 12 Front and Rear Tubeless Tires – Alloy Wheels – 1000W On-Board Charger – comfortBoot – comfortKey   Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,89,000  
Ex-showroom price – Rs. 89,000 – Dynamic Rider Profiling – 100/80 12 Front and 110/70 12 Rear Tubeless Tires – rollProtect Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,39,000    
  Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1, 29,000 – Cruise Control    
    – TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)      
    Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,59,000