Meet HEXA: Revolutionizing Personal Flight

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Meet HEXA: Revolutionizing Personal Flight

Hexa Aircraft


Unveiling HEXA: An Entirely New Type of Aircraft.

In the realm of aviation innovation, HEXA stands as a testament to a new era of personal flight. HEXA is not just an aircraft; it's a marvel of engineering, designed to democratize human flight and provide a clean, exciting, and efficient alternative to traditional modes of transportation. Let's delve into the key features that set HEXA apart from the rest.

Distributed Electric Propulsion for Stability

At the heart of HEXA's design are eighteen independent electric motors and propellers, meticulously engineered to ensure perfectly stable and controlled flight. This innovative distributed electric propulsion system not only enhances stability but also sets the stage for a smoother and more reliable flying experience.

Amphibious Capabilities: Landing Anywhere, Anytime

HEXA's versatility extends beyond the skies; it's amphibious. Capable of landing on both land and water, HEXA boasts four perimeter floats for buoyancy and stability. The fifth center float, filled with energy-absorbing foam, adds an extra layer of buoyancy and protection during hard landings. This unique feature opens up a myriad of possibilities for adventure and exploration.

Hexa Aircraft

Simplicity Meets Innovation: Easy to Fly

One of HEXA's defining features is its simplicity in operation. A triply redundant autopilot computer, coupled with a single 3-axis joystick, is all that's required for flight. Alternatively, users can opt for the "Look mom, no hands!" mode, where a seven-inch touchscreen takes center stage. This user-friendly interface ensures that flying HEXA is an accessible and enjoyable experience for all.

Ultralight Design: Compliance Without Compromise

Weighing in at a mere 432lbs, HEXA boasts an ultralight airframe constructed entirely of carbon fiber. This not only ensures compliance with the FAA's Powered Ultralight classification but also eliminates the need for a pilot's license. Rest assured, comprehensive training is provided to guarantee a safe and confident flying experience.

Unparalleled Safety Features

Safety is paramount in HEXA's design, evident in its highly redundant electric motors, flight control systems, and innovative safety measures.

Highly Redundant Electric Motors

  • Eighteen motors, propellers, and batteries ensure reliability.
  • HEXA can safely land with up to six motors disabled, showcasing its robust design.
  • The bird strike-tolerant design adds an extra layer of safety during flight.

Redundant Flight Control

  • A 3X redundant flight computer ensures precise control.
  • Redundant sensors, including GPS and IMU, contribute to enhanced safety.
  • Collision avoidance sensors further fortify HEXA's safety protocols.

Autonomous Ballistic Parachute

  • HEXA is equipped with a patented PARAZERO BRS for multicopters, deploying autonomously when needed.
  • Effective as low as 10m, this parachute adds an additional layer of safety during emergencies.

Swappable, Distributed Batteries

  • 18 separate batteries ensure fault tolerance and distributed weight.
  • Located away from the pilot for thermal runaway tolerance.
  • Swappable batteries save on cabling weight and facilitate easy charging on ground carts.

HEXA Ownership: A Limited Opportunity

HEXA isn't just an aircraft; it's a limited opportunity for enthusiasts and visionaries to own a piece of the future of flight.

Limited Founder's Series Offer

With only 10 Founder's Series HEXA aircraft available for sale, the opportunity is exclusive and limited. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the aviation revolution.

How It Works

  1. Purchase HEXA: Acquire a Founder's Series HEXA for $495,000, choosing your preferred location.
  2. Enjoy Unlimited Flying: LIFT manages all operating aspects, providing unlimited flying for you and up to four friends.
  3. Earn Income or Get Your Purchase Price Back: Opt for a 10% share of pay-per-flight revenue over five years or have LIFT buy back your HEXA for the original price.

Seize this limited opportunity to redefine personal flight and become a part of the aviation revolution. HEXA is not just an aircraft; it's a lifestyle.