Lotus Cars electrifies India's auto scene, introducing the groundbreaking Eletre

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Lotus Cars electrifies India's auto scene, introducing the groundbreaking Eletre

Lotus Eletre


Lotus Cars' entry into the Indian market with the Eletre trio marks a significant moment for automotive enthusiasts and luxury car aficionados alike.

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing the Indian automotive landscape, Lotus Cars, the renowned British manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, has made an impressive foray into the market with the launch of its electric SUV, Eletre. This marks a pivotal moment as the brand, owned by the Chinese giant Geely, unveils not just one but three variants of its electric Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) – Lotus Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R. Priced competitively at ₹2.55 crore, ₹2.75 crore, and ₹2.99 crore respectively (all ex-showroom pan-India), these models promise to redefine the luxury electric vehicle segment in India.

Exclusive Motors: The Chosen Representative for Lotus Cars Across India

In a strategic move to ensure a seamless entry into the Indian market, Lotus Cars has handpicked Exclusive Motors as its authorized representative for the entire nation. The partnership takes a concrete form with the inauguration of the first Lotus showroom in the vibrant city of Delhi in the coming months. This move not only underscores Lotus's commitment to establishing a robust presence in India but also signifies the brand's confidence in Exclusive Motors to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Lotus Eletre

The Eletre Trio: Unveiling a Symphony of Luxury and Performance

Lotus Eletre: Where Elegance Meets Innovation

The entry-level model, Lotus Eletre, captures the essence of Lotus Cars' commitment to combining elegance with cutting-edge innovation. Priced at ₹2.55 crore, this variant is poised to attract discerning customers looking for a perfect amalgamation of style and sustainable driving.

Eletre S: Elevating the Standards of Performance

For those who crave an extra dose of performance, the Eletre S, priced at ₹2.75 crore, takes the driving experience to a whole new level. With enhanced features and capabilities, this model is engineered to satisfy the desires of performance enthusiasts.

Lotus Eletre

Eletre R: The Apex of Luxury Electric SUVs

At the pinnacle of the Eletre lineup is the Lotus Eletre R, priced at ₹2.99 crore. This masterpiece represents the epitome of luxury electric SUVs, promising an unparalleled driving experience, coupled with opulent features that redefine automotive luxury in the Indian context.

Exclusive Motors' Vision for India: More Showrooms, More Luxury

Satya Bagla, the Managing Director of Exclusive Motors India, expressed optimism about the Indian market's reception towards luxury electric vehicles. "There is a lot of support from the Government of India in the electrification program, and charging infrastructure is being developed rapidly and robustly. We feel that now is the opportune time to introduce luxury electric vehicles," Bagla stated. Following the inauguration of the first showroom in Delhi, Exclusive Motors envisions expanding its footprint across other major cities, gauging consumer response and demand.

Global Sophistication, Local Flair: Lotus Cars Imports to India

With a commitment to delivering excellence, Lotus Cars will import its vehicles from global factories to cater to the discerning Indian market. This ensures that Indian consumers receive the same level of sophistication and craftsmanship that Lotus Cars is renowned for worldwide.

The Road Ahead: Lotus Emira in 2024

Beyond the electric revolution, Lotus Cars has exciting plans for the Indian market. In 2024, the much-anticipated Emira, the latest and final internal combustion sports car from Lotus, will make its debut. This underlines Lotus Cars' commitment to offering a diverse and captivating range of vehicles to the Indian audience.