Honda Prelude: Hybrid coupe, uncertain for American market

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Honda Prelude: Hybrid coupe, uncertain for American market

 Honda Prelude


The Honda Prelude Concept grows in size, retains its coupe form, and features a mysterious hybrid powertrain.

A recent update sheds light on the Honda Prelude Concept unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show. Contrary to initial speculation that this model was purely electric, a Honda press spokesperson clarified that it's a hybrid vehicle. This clarification came after Honda's earlier announcement of exploring the development of two sporty electrified models, a Specialty and a Flagship. The spokesperson reaffirmed that Honda's hybrid-electric system aligns with these plans, and the intention remains unchanged.

The Prelude Concept is primarily intended for the Japanese market, and Honda refrains from speculating about its North American product plans. While this update alters the initial electric expectations, it underscores Honda's continued commitment to electrified powertrains and innovative offerings.

Honda Revives the Prelude Nameplate with a Hybrid Concept

During the Japan Mobility Show, Honda generated excitement with a surprising announcement – the revival of the classic Prelude nameplate, albeit in a contemporary, electrified avatar. Honda presented the Prelude Concept as a 'production-intent' vehicle, signaling its intention to bring this prototype to the road, much like the Acura Integra's revival a few years ago.

This new-age Prelude Concept marks a departure from the traditional design language of its predecessors. While past Preludes were celebrated for their compact two-door coupe styling, the latest concept takes on a significantly larger form, aligning with modern car design trends.

From the front view, the Prelude Concept might remind you of a Toyota vehicle, potentially from the Crown family. Its design features sharp headlights connected by an LED light bar, positioned just above where a license plate would typically be placed. The lower bumper section is styled with a black mesh pattern, accented with a small vertical design element in blue.

The side profile pays homage to the Prelude's legacy, with flush door handles, angular rocker panels, and sleek black wing mirrors. Gloss black wheels and blue brake calipers hint at its performance-oriented character. The roofline elegantly tapers toward the rear, creating a unique blend reminiscent of a Porsche 911 and a Hyundai Ioniq 6. Dominating the rear is a full-width LED light bar, complemented by a black lip spoiler and a gloss black bumper.

Despite these visual insights, details about the Prelude Concept's powertrain and specifications remain scarce. Honda characterizes it as a "sporty" model promising an exceptional driving experience filled with excitement. The company continues to develop this electrified model, emphasizing its dedication to electrification without divulging further specifics about its powertrain. This announcement adds another intriguing chapter to Honda's legacy, keeping enthusiasts eager to learn more about the forthcoming Prelude.