Daihatsu showcases 5 concept cars, embracing the future of mobility society

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Daihatsu showcases 5 concept cars, embracing the future of mobility society



Daihatsu's presence at the 1st JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 goes beyond cars, highlighting their commitment to enhancing people's lives and aspirations.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has taken a giant stride towards the future of mobility, and it's more than just a car exhibition. In a remarkable move, the renowned automobile manufacturer announced its participation in the 1st JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, set to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 26 to November 5, open to the public from October 28. The theme of this grand exhibit is "Staying Close to Our Customers and Enriching Their Lives." But it's not just a theme; it's a philosophy that has been ingrained in Daihatsu's DNA since its inception.

A Journey Through Time: Daihatsu's History and Evolution

Daihatsu has always been about evolving while staying close to its customers. The exhibition will serve as a journey through time, featuring cars that symbolize Daihatsu's rich history of evolution while remaining connected to its customers. It's not just about the past, though; the exhibit also showcases concept cars that paint a vivid picture of the future. The company's vision extends far beyond the horizon, aiming to provide a rich mobility life for everyone. In the face of pressing issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population, Daihatsu stands as a beacon of hope, committed to addressing these challenges through sustainable, environmentally friendly small cars.

Daihatsu's Unwavering Commitment

Daihatsu's commitment to society is palpable throughout the entire exhibit. It's a brand that understands the needs of the people, their lives, and their dreams. The concept cars that Daihatsu will unveil at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 represent five distinct ways of embracing the future of mobility while staying close to people and their lives.

1. me:MO - Redefining the Relationship Between Cars and People

The me:MO is more than just a sustainable mini passenger battery electric vehicle (BEV). It's a bold attempt to redefine the relationship between cars and people. It's about understanding that a car is not just a means of transportation but an extension of one's identity. The me:MO boasts a style and sense of enjoyment that can adapt to different stages of life. It's a complete departure from traditional car manufacturing. The modular structure of interior and exterior parts, with necessary and sufficient functionality, allows customization, making it possible for the vehicle to evolve with the customer's changing needs. With dimensions of 2,955mm in length, 1,475mm in width, and 1,590mm in height, and a wheelbase of 1,985mm, the me:MO represents a new era of personal mobility.

Uniform Truck

2. UNIFORM Truck 

3. UNIFORM Cargo - Practicality Meets Versatility

Daihatsu understands the importance of work in people's lives. The UNIFORM Truck and UNIFORM Cargo are mini commercial vehicles designed to meet the diverse needs of working people. These vehicles don't just serve the purpose of transportation; they embody the essence of work itself. Their lean designs respond to various work styles, enhancing the pride of workers and expanding practical possibilities. What sets them apart is the unique external power supply function that extends their applications to include mobile shops. The UNIFORM Truck and Cargo offer flat cabins and luggage space that are easy to use and clean, thanks to the use of removable interior and exterior parts. With a length of 3,395mm, a width of 1,475mm, and a height of 1,885mm (Truck) and 1,920mm (Cargo), and wheelbases of 1,900mm and 2,450mm, respectively, these vehicles redefine the concept of versatility in the world of mini commercial vehicles.


4. OSANPO - Enjoying Life, One Drive at a Time

Life isn't just about work; it's about those moments of leisure and relaxation. The OSANPO is a BEV mini vehicle that encourages drivers to enjoy the comfort of open-air driving while experiencing life at a slower pace. It's about savoring the small moments and taking in the beauty of the world around you. With dimensions of 3,395mm in length, 1,475mm in width, 1,330mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,440mm, the OSANPO promises a relaxed enjoyment that only a compact convertible can offer. The quietness characteristic of BEVs, coupled with the openness of slightly higher vehicle height, creates a unique driving experience that's akin to taking a peaceful stroll in the lap of nature.

Vison Copen

5. VISION COPEN - Driving Joy Redefined

The VISION COPEN is not just a convertible; it's a testament to the joy of driving. It's an evolution of the COPEN's DNA, reimagined to provide a driving experience like no other. With a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and an internal combustion engine capable of using CN fuel, the VISION COPEN promises the ultimate in driving joy. It inherits the universal styling reminiscent of the first-generation COPEN while introducing the electrified open/close Active Top roof. With dimensions of 3,835mm in length, 1,695mm in width, 1,265mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,415mm, the VISION COPEN redefines the thrill of open-air driving.

Daihatsu's Pledge

Daihatsu understands the importance of trust and accountability. In light of recent procedural irregularities in approval applications, the company has taken a commendable stance. Daihatsu will collaborate with an Independent Third-Party Committee to thoroughly investigate the issues, identify their root causes, and receive recommendations on preventive measures. The company is committed to full cooperation with the investigation, prompt action to prevent a recurrence, and the restoration of trust among customers and stakeholders.