Citroen eC3's prices rise up to Rs 36,000 since its launch

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Citroen eC3's prices rise up to Rs 36,000 since its launch

Citroen C3 Aircross


Even with price hikes, the eC3 remains an appealing choice for eco-conscious buyers seeking impressive range and environmental advantages.

Citroen's all-electric C3, known as the eC3, has seen its prices increase once more, marking the second round of price hikes since its launch in India. The eC3, which made its debut in February 2023, was initially offered at a competitive price point. However, recent adjustments have made this eco-friendly hatchback pricier. Let's delve into the details of these price revisions.

Variants and Initial Pricing

The Citroen eC3 was introduced in two broad variants: Live and Feel, offering potential buyers a choice in terms of features and specifications. At the time of its launch, this all-electric vehicle promised a more sustainable and eco-conscious driving experience while being relatively affordable.

First Price Hike in August

The eC3's first price hike occurred in August of the same year it was launched, resulting in an increase of up to Rs 25,000. Despite this initial adjustment, the base variant remained unaffected, maintaining its accessible pricing structure.

Current Pricing

Now, in the latest round of price hikes, the eC3 has become even costlier. The prices have surged by an additional Rs 11,000 across the entire range. As a result, the all-electric C3 is now available at a revised price range of Rs 11.61 lakh to Rs 12.79 lakh. These updated prices reflect the changing dynamics of the Indian electric vehicle market, where factors such as increased demand and production costs have contributed to the upward price trend.

Impressive Range and Environmental Benefits

The Citroen eC3 boasts an impressive 29.2kWh battery pack, which powers the vehicle and provides a commendable ARAI-claimed range of 320 kilometers. This range makes the eC3 a practical and eco-friendly choice for daily commuting and short trips, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and a cleaner environment.