Altigreen introduces the neEV Tez in New Delhi

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Altigreen introduces the neEV Tez in New Delhi

 neEV Tez


Altigreen officially launched the neEV Tez in Delhi and delivered 200 neEV Tez vehicles to Magenta Mobility on the same occasion.

Altigreen has introduced its latest neEV Tez model in New Delhi, offering a unique 3-in-one charging feature. This innovative electric vehicle can charge from 0 to 100% at Exponent's e^pump rapid charging network, or in just one hour at any Bharat DCOO1 charging station. Alternatively, it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge using a standard 220V/16 A AC socket.

Debashis Mitra, Director of Sales, Service, and Marketing at Altigreen, highlighted the significance of this versatile charging system, stating, "We are the only OEM in the industry to offer 3-in-one charging options. This will help our customers better utilize their vehicles and maximize their earnings."

Mitra also discussed the growing adoption of electrified L5 Cargo vehicles in Delhi, emphasizing the potential of neEV Tez to capture a significant share of India's large EV cargo market.

Altigreen has partnered with Magenta Mobility, a company dedicated to sustainable transportation, to deliver 200 neEV Tez vehicles as part of a 1,000-vehicle memorandum of understanding (MOU). These electric vehicles are expected to accelerate the transition to electric mobility and enhance the efficiency of transportation and delivery services.

Maxson Lewis, Founder & Managing Director of Magenta Mobility, expressed his commitment to India's electric mobility revolution and praised the delivery of 200 neEV Tez vehicles as a substantial step in promoting cleaner and more efficient transportation and delivery solutions.

Altigreen's neEV Tez addresses efficiency and operational challenges for electric vehicle fleet operators, offering a standard 5-year warranty and a battery that supports a 3,000-cycle life warranty with 100% rapid charging. This extended cycle life is a remarkable advancement in the industry, helping users complete two shifts in a single vehicle, boosting productivity and earnings.

Arun Vinayak, the CEO of Altigreen, discussed the hurdles faced by commercial EVs, including long charging times, poor network reliability, availability issues, and queues at charging stations. He emphasized the significance of Altigreen's neEV Tez in addressing these challenges and providing a more cost-effective and efficient solution for logistics operators and customers.

The launch of neEV Tez in Delhi showcases Altigreen's commitment to advancing electric mobility and promoting cleaner and more sustainable transportation options in India.