Affordable Ps Electric Magic Lite revolutionizes Indian commutes with eco-friendly efficiency

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Affordable Ps Electric Magic Lite revolutionizes Indian commutes with eco-friendly efficiency

PS Scooter


Ps Electric Magic Lite emerges as a game-changer in the Indian electric scooter market.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian transportation, the surge in popularity of electric vehicles has been nothing short of revolutionary. As various companies launch their electric scooters and cars, the market is buzzing with innovation. However, the accessibility of these eco-friendly alternatives is often hindered by their steep prices. Enter Ps Electric, a company at the forefront of change, introducing the most affordable electric scooter in India—Ps Electric Magic Lite.

Affordable Excellence: Ps Electric Magic Lite Price and Features

Priced at an incredibly competitive ₹39,900, the Ps Electric Magic Lite promises exceptional value for money. This alluring price point doesn't compromise on quality; instead, it opens the doors for a broader audience to embrace the electric revolution.

The Journey Unleashed: Ps Electric Magic Lite Specifications

Range: Covering an impressive 50 to 60 kilometers on a single charge, the Ps Electric Magic Lite sets a new standard for electric scooters in its price range. With a charging time of 5 to 6 hours, it's a convenient choice for both daily commutes and more extended journeys.

Top Speed: The scooter effortlessly cruises at speeds ranging from 40 to 50 kilometers per hour, making it an ideal companion for urban commuters. If your daily travel falls within the 40 to 50 kilometers range, this scooter becomes not just a choice but a smart investment, potentially saving you 50 to 60 thousand rupees annually.

Features That Surpass Expectations

Despite its budget-friendly price, Ps Electric Magic Lite boasts an array of features that elevate the overall riding experience.

1. Parking Mode

A thoughtful addition, the parking mode enhances security, ensuring your scooter remains safeguarded in various situations.

2. Digital Meter

Stay informed with the digital meter, providing real-time insights into your speed, battery status, and other essential metrics for a safer and more controlled ride.

3. Double Suspension for a Smooth Ride

Ps Electric Magic Lite prioritizes rider comfort with double suspension in both front and rear wheels. This not only enhances the overall riding experience but also minimizes the risk of breakage, ensuring durability even on challenging terrains.

Assurance Beyond Price: Ps Electric Magic Lite Warranty

In a market where affordability often raises concerns about product reliability, Ps Electric stands out by offering a remarkable 1-year full warranty on the Magic Lite. This warranty serves as a testament to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction, providing peace of mind to those opting for this budget-friendly yet feature-rich electric scooter.

Seamless Ownership: How to Make Ps Electric Magic Lite Yours

Ready to make Ps Electric Magic Lite your own? The process is seamless and can be initiated through the official website of PS Electric. Locate the nearest showroom to explore the scooter in person, or take advantage of the newly introduced online purchasing option with home delivery now available in Uttar Pradesh.