Unlock Diwali Delights: Save big on Honda, over Rs 90,000 benefits!

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Unlock Diwali Delights: Save big on Honda, over Rs 90,000 benefits!

Honda Car India

Honda Car India

Honda's Diwali offers on the City and Amaze are a golden ticket to upgrading your driving experience.

Diwali, the festival of lights, brings not only joy and festivities but also incredible opportunities for those looking to make a statement on the roads. If you have your eyes set on a Honda car this Diwali, you're in for a treat! Honda, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, is rolling out an array of benefits on two of its sedan marvels – the Honda City and the Honda Amaze. This exclusive Diwali offer extends to special edition variants of both these models, making your purchase an even more enticing prospect.

Diwali Delights with Honda Amaze: Savings Up to Rs 72,245!

Special Editions Packed with Perks

The Honda Amaze, a compact sedan known for its style and performance, takes center stage in Honda's Diwali extravaganza. The cherry on top? Savings of up to Rs 72,245! Dive into the details, and you'll find that the second-from-the-base S variant is offering the highest consumer benefits.

Cash Discounts or Free Accessories: Your Choice!

Honda understands that every buyer is unique. Hence, they are presenting a choice – cash discount or free accessories. This flexibility adds an extra layer of personalization to your purchase, ensuring you get exactly what you desire. Decisions, decisions – the power is in your hands!

Honda City: Luxurious Drives with Savings Galore – Up to Rs 76,947!

Unveiling the 5th-gen Honda City Magic

For those with a taste for luxury, the 5th-generation Honda City beckons with total savings soaring up to Rs 76,947! This flagship sedan promises not only a smooth ride but also a seamless Diwali deal.

Cash Discounts, Free Accessories, and More!

Much like the Amaze, the Honda City offers the freedom to choose between a cash discount and complimentary accessories. But wait, there's more! Honda is introducing a special Honda Car Exchange Bonus exclusively for existing Honda customers. If you're looking to trade in your old car for the new City, this bonus is an additional boon.

Loyalty Rewarded: Rs 4,000 Loyalty Bonus

Honda values loyalty. Existing Honda customers are in for a treat with a loyalty bonus of Rs 4,000. Your commitment to the brand doesn't go unnoticed, and this bonus is Honda's way of expressing gratitude.

Act Fast: Offers Valid Till End of November!

As the saying goes, "Opportunity seldom knocks twice." Honda's Diwali offers on the City and Amaze are no exception. All these incredible benefits and savings are valid only until the end of November. So, if you've been contemplating upgrading your ride, now is the time to make that decision and bask in the glory of Diwali discounts.