The 2023 Audi TT Final Edition: A Farewell to a Timeless Icon

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The 2023 Audi TT Final Edition: A Farewell to a Timeless Icon

Audi TT Final Edition


The 2023 Audi TT's farewell is a lasting legacy in the sports car world, with the Final Edition as the ultimate tribute.

In the world of automotive excellence, there are few names that resonate as strongly as Audi's TT series. From its inception in 1999, the Audi TT has been a symbol of precision engineering, captivating design, and exhilarating performance. As we bid adieu to the 2023 model year, Audi has decided to commemorate this iconic sports car with a Final Edition that is nothing short of spectacular.

Goodbye, But Not Without a Spectacle

The 2023 Audi TT will soon find its way to the retirement home of sports cars, marking the end of a remarkable three-generation journey. The final inventory of these masterpieces currently awaits new homes on dealer lots. In a fitting tribute to this legend, Audi introduces the Audi TT Final Edition, a limited-production roadster that is poised to redefine elegance and performance.

Aesthetic Grandeur: Goodwood Green Pearl Paint

The Audi TT Final Edition stands as a testament to Audi's commitment to luxury and style. Cloaked in the resplendent Goodwood Green pearl paint, a nod to the first-generation model, it exudes an aura of timeless sophistication. This unique color is not just a tribute to the TT's heritage but an embodiment of the brand's attention to detail.

Palomino Brown Interior: A Touch of Classic Elegance

Stepping inside the Audi TT Final Edition is a journey into a realm of sheer opulence. The Palomino Brown interior is a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary luxury. The baseball stitching, reminiscent of the original TT, adorns various surfaces, adding an extra layer of exclusivity. It's not just a car; it's a work of art on wheels.

Audi TT Final Edition

Exclusivity at Every Turn

What truly sets the Final Edition apart is the level of detail and craftsmanship. Audi has ensured that every aspect of this roadster exudes exclusivity. The leather package, enveloping parts of the door panels and the center console in Palomino Brown, adds a touch of refinement that few vehicles can match.

One-of-a-Kind Floor Mats

Passengers are greeted with one-of-a-kind floor mats, further underlining the uniqueness of the Final Edition. These mats are not just utilitarian; they are a statement of luxury and individuality.

Carbon-Fiber Trim

The cabin is adorned with exquisite carbon-fiber trim, exemplifying Audi's commitment to lightweight performance and elegance. It's a marriage of form and function, a hallmark of the brand's design philosophy.

Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel and Gauge-Cluster Hood

The steering wheel cover and gauge-cluster hood are meticulously wrapped in black leather, adding a touch of sophistication to the driver's interface. Every touchpoint in the Final Edition is designed for maximum comfort and luxury.

Audi TT Final Edition

Performance Meets Panache

The Audi TT Final Edition doesn't just focus on aesthetics; it's also a powerhouse of performance. The silver multispoke 20-inch forged wheels, complemented by adaptive dampers, ensure a ride that's as smooth as it is exhilarating. The front bumper is tastefully adorned with matte gray accents that are mirrored on the side skirts and rear bumper, adding a hint of aggression to the roadster's appearance.

The Signature Gray Cloth Convertible Top

Raising the roadster's roof reveals a gray cloth convertible top that effortlessly complements the Goodwood Green pearl paint. It's a nod to the classic roadsters of yesteryears, bringing a touch of nostalgia into the modern era.

Limited Availability: Secure Your Piece of History

The 2023 Audi TT Final Edition roadster is currently available for purchase, but with a twist – only 50 copies are allocated for the U.S. market. This exclusivity ensures that owning one of these masterpieces is not just a privilege; it's a statement of your discerning taste. Each Final Edition is priced at $68,895, a testament to the value it brings to the world of automotive excellence.