Renault's Diwali: Up to Rs 50,000 Off on Triber, Kiger, Kwid

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Renault's Diwali: Up to Rs 50,000 Off on Triber, Kiger, Kwid

Renault Kwid, Kiger, and Triber


Renault discount and offers for Diwali 2023.

As the festive season approaches, the anticipation for incredible deals and discounts on your dream car intensifies. French automaker Renault has made this Diwali even more special by offering a slew of enticing offers  on their current lineup. These exclusive promotions are available for retail until November 30, 2023, ensuring that you don't miss out on this golden opportunity to drive home your favorite Renault car at remarkable savings.

Diwali Celebrations with Renault: A Dazzling Offer Lineup

Renault's Diwali offers for 2023 are a testament to their commitment to making your celebrations grand. This year, you can enjoy benefits of up to INR 50,000, comprising a variety of enticing perks that are designed to cater to your preferences. Let's delve into these exclusive offers:

Cash Benefits up to INR 20,000

Renault is offering an instant cash benefit of up to INR 20,000 on select variants. This means you can enjoy substantial savings as you embark on your journey with Renault.

Exchange Bonus of up to INR 20,000

If you have an old car that you're ready to part with, Renault's exchange bonus of up to INR 20,000 is here to sweeten the deal. You can trade in your existing vehicle and avail this benefit, effectively reducing the overall cost of your new Renault car.

Additional INR 10,000 Cash for Loyal Customers

Renault values its loyal customers and has a special offer just for you. If you are an existing Renault customer, you can avail of an additional INR 10,000 cash benefit on your new purchase. It's a gesture of appreciation for your continued trust in the brand.

Loyalty Offers: Going the Extra Mile

Renault goes above and beyond to reward loyal customers. On submission of the required loyalty proofs, you become eligible for loyalty offers that are over and above the standard benefits. It's Renault's way of saying "thank you" for being a part of the Renault family.

Corporate Discount up to Rs. 12,000

Renault extends its generosity to corporate professionals and public sector employees. With a corporate discount of up to Rs. 12,000, Renault makes it more accessible for working individuals to own a Renault car. This offer is available to those on the Renault-approved list of corporate and public sector units.

Rural Offer of INR 5,000: Exclusively for Rural India

Renault believes in reaching out to every corner of India. For our farmers, Sarpanch, and Gram Panchayat members in rural areas, we have a special rural offer of INR 5,000. Please note that this offer is subject to the availability of Renault-approved valid documents.

Exclusive RXE Variant Loyalty Benefits

For those interested in the RXE variant, loyalty benefits are the exclusive offer available. No other cash, exchange, or finance offers are applicable for this variant, ensuring that loyal customers receive the best deal.

Urban Night Limited Edition: Loyalty & Exchange Benefits

The Urban Night Limited Edition is an exclusive model, and for this variant, only loyalty and exchange benefits apply. There are no cash offers available, making it a unique opportunity for urban car enthusiasts.

Renault RELIVE Scrappage Program

Renault is committed to sustainability and has introduced the RELIVE scrappage program. For more information on its applicability and availability, please visit Renault RELIVE Scrappage Program. This program is designed to promote responsible vehicle disposal and offers an eco-friendly approach.

Accessorize Your Ride with INR 10,000 Worth of Accessories

Renault believes in personalization, and we offer accessories worth INR 10,000 for customers referred by existing Renault customers on My Renault App, Renault Website, or Renault Virtual Assistant. It's our way of enhancing your driving experience and making your Renault car truly your own.

Making the Right Choice

With these enticing offers, Renault is determined to make your Diwali celebrations brighter and more memorable. The benefits of up to INR 50,000, along with the diverse options to choose from, ensure that there's a Renault car to fit every lifestyle and preference. Whether you're a loyal customer, a corporate professional, or a resident of rural India, Renault has tailored offers to suit your unique needs.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to bring home your dream car at remarkable savings. Renault's Diwali offers are available for a limited time, so make your choice before November 30, 2023, to avail of these spectacular discounts and benefits.