Outclass GRANDEUR: A Pinnacle of Automotive Innovation

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Outclass GRANDEUR: A Pinnacle of Automotive Innovation



The all-new GRANDEUR stands as a testament to Hyundai Motor's commitment to innovation, luxury, and performance.

In the realm of automotive excellence, Hyundai Motor introduces The all-new GRANDEUR, a flagship sedan that transcends heritage, expectations, and preferences. This groundbreaking vehicle seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with a touch of emotional sophistication, setting new standards for automotive innovation.

Design Elegance: Sculpted Surfaces and Futuristic Lamps

The all-new GRANDEUR's design is a masterpiece of automotive elegance. Its smoothly sculpted surfaces, coupled with a futuristic horizontal lamp, contribute to the vehicle's beautiful proportions, exuding a flagship sedan's sophistication and commanding presence on the road.


Calligraphy-Inspired Luxury

The GRANDEUR elevates the driving experience with exclusive and differentiated designs, featuring premium materials that redefine top-class luxury. Every detail, from the exterior curves to the interior finishes, is meticulously crafted to provide a sensory feast for the driver and passengers alike.

Allure in Black Ink

Embodying refined beauty akin to an elegant ink brush painting, The all-new GRANDEUR boasts an all-black exterior and interior trims. This distinctive choice not only adds to the vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also signifies a commitment to timeless elegance.


Elevating Functionality: A Symphony of Features

Next-Gen Infotainment: ccNC System

Hyundai Motor's next-generation infotainment system, the connected car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC), integrates the cluster, GPS navigation, and head-up display into a seamless graphical user interface. The panoramic display offers a plethora of features, including natural language processing-based voice recognition, media streaming, and real-time traffic information. Notably, Over-The-Air updates make keeping the system up-to-date a breeze.

Built-in Cam: A Watchful Guardian

Equipped with high-definition cameras in the front and rear, The all-new GRANDEUR ensures excellent day and nighttime images. The built-in cam's capabilities extend beyond mere visuals, offering a large-capacity external hard drive, OTA updates, and the ability to save and review the vehicle's drive information, seamlessly linked to the map.


Interactive Ambient Mood Lamps

Immerse yourself in a personalized driving experience with interactive ambient mood lamps. Synchronized with various functions and driving situations, these mood lamps respond to air purifier activity, drive mode changes, and even when entering specific zones, illuminating the cabin in different colors and speeds.

Full-Touch Air Conditioning Controller

Control at your fingertips—literally. The 10.25" Full-Touch Air Conditioning Controller, featuring Haptic controls, allows users to manage a wide array of functions with a simple touch. From parking features to seat ventilation and heating, users can customize their experience with normal, simple, and personalized themes.

Hyundai CarPay / e hi-pass: Effortless Toll Management

Simplify toll fee payments with Hyundai CarPay. Users can apply for and manage e Hi-pass services seamlessly, eliminating the need for a physical credit card. This integration of convenience aligns with The all-new GRANDEUR's commitment to making every journey hassle-free.


OTA Software Updates: Keeping You Current

Stay on the cutting edge with Over-The-Air software updates. Whether remaining parked after igniting the vehicle or turning off the ignition, approving the update is all it takes to ensure your GRANDEUR is equipped with the latest features and enhancements.

Digital Key 2: Keyless Convenience

Unlock a new level of convenience with the Digital Key 2 system. This innovative feature allows users to lock, unlock, and start their vehicle using their smartphone or smartwatch. The primary user can even share the Digital Key across up to 15 devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Remote Smart Parking Assist: Effortless Parking Maneuvers

Navigating parking spots becomes a breeze with the Remote Smart Parking Assist. This feature allows the driver to control the vehicle's movements, both forward and backward, from outside the car, making entering and exiting parking spaces a seamless process.

Hygiene at the Forefront: UV Light and Antibacterial Treatments

Prioritizing the well-being of passengers, The all-new GRANDEUR incorporates a UV light sanitizing system in the center console. Additionally, seats and major touchpoints are treated with antibacterial materials. When the air conditioner is activated, these features work in tandem to eliminate odor-inducing materials, ensuring a hygienic cabin environment.


Driver’s Seat Ergo Motion Seats: Stress-Free Driving

Long-distance drives become a pleasure with the Driver's Seat Ergo Motion Seats. A comfort stretching function minimizes stress, offering a comfortable driving environment and reaffirming The all-new GRANDEUR's commitment to driver well-being.

Unmatched Performance: Driving Pleasure Redefined

Optimized Suspension System

The all-new GRANDEUR boasts an optimized suspension system, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride exclusive to a flagship sedan. This ensures a driving experience that aligns with the vehicle's status as a pinnacle of automotive engineering.

Smartstream Engine Options

Choose from a range of Smartstream gasoline and LPG engines, each offering a unique blend of power and efficiency. The Smartstream Gasoline 2.5, Smartstream Gasoline 3.5, and Smartstream LPG 3.5 engines provide varying levels of performance, catering to diverse driving preferences.

Hybrid Excellence

For those seeking a hybrid option, The all-new GRANDEUR Hybrid combines dynamic performance with smooth driving emotions. The e-Motion Drive technology maximizes the efficiency and exhilaration of hybrid driving, setting new standards in eco-friendly motoring.

Hyundai SmartSense: A Commitment to Safety

As a flagship sedan, The all-new GRANDEUR prioritizes safety with Hyundai SmartSense. This comprehensive suite of safety features includes advanced driver assist systems, ensuring a secure and confident driving experience for both the driver and passengers.