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Offers on Tiago, Tigor, Punch, Altroz, Harrier | Check Discounts

Tata Motors

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is pulling out all the stops to make your car-buying experience memorable and affordable

Are you in the market for a new car? Look no further! Tata Motors is here to make your dreams of owning a stylish and reliable vehicle come true, and they're doing it in style. This festive season, Tata Motors is rolling out a red carpet of discounts and offers on their stunning lineup of cars. In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down Tata's irresistible discount offers, so you can make an informed decision and drive home your dream car. Whether you're eyeing the Tiago, Tigor, Punch, Altroz, Harrier, or Safari, Tata Motors has something special for everyone.

Tata Tiago and Tigor - The Perfect Choice

Unbeatable Discounts on CNG Variants

For those looking to make a green choice with Tata's CNG models, the Tiago and Tigor are offering incredible discounts. If you opt for the older single-cylinder models of either the Tiago or Tigor, you can enjoy a hefty discount of approximately ₹75,000. This amazing offer consists of a cash discount of ₹50,000, an exchange bonus of ₹20,000, and a corporate bonus of ₹5,000.

However, if you prefer the newer twin-cylinder models, you'll still be delighted with a consumer discount of ₹20,000, making it an excellent deal for those who want to embrace eco-friendly driving without compromising on quality and savings.

Tata Punch - Where Style Meets Savings

Corporate Discounts to Choose From

The Tata Punch, a compact SUV designed to make a statement, comes with an array of corporate discounts. Depending on the dealer and state, you can enjoy a corporate discount ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000. Tata is offering flexibility, ensuring that you can pick the option that best suits your budget and location.

Tata Altroz - Innovation Meets Affordability

A Total Discount of ₹35,000

If you have your sights set on the Tata Altroz, you're in for a treat. This fantastic hatchback offers a total discount of up to ₹35,000. It includes a cash discount of ₹20,000, an additional ₹10,000 on the exchange offer, and a corporate bonus of ₹5,000. Tata Motors is dedicated to making this innovative and stylish car more accessible to you.

Tata Harrier and Safari - Unbeatable Discounts

Pre-Facelift Models Packed with Savings

For those who appreciate the iconic design and performance of Tata's Harrier and Safari pre-facelift models, there's a reason to rejoice. Tata Motors is extending a substantial total discount of ₹1.4 lakh on both these SUVs. This outstanding offer encompasses a cash discount of ₹75,000, an exchange offer of ₹50,000, and an additional corporate discount of ₹15,000. It's a deal you simply can't resist.

Please keep in mind that these discounts might vary depending on the dealership, stock availability, and your location. It's advisable to check with your local Tata Motors dealer to confirm the exact discounts available to you.