Kia achieves 4th highest monthly sales; Seltos leads with 12k+ sold

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Kia achieves 4th highest monthly sales; Seltos leads with 12k+ sold

Kia EV9


In October 2023, Kia Seltos led sales; Sonet and Carens followed strongly.

Kia India is celebrating a remarkable performance in October 2023, as the company reported a 4.41 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth and an impressive 21.62 percent month-on-month (MoM) growth in sales. This surge in sales marks the company's 4th highest monthly domestic sales achievement, with a total of 24,351 units sold. In comparison to the 23,323 units sold in October 2022, this represents a 4.41 percent YoY increase. September 2023 had witnessed 20,022 units sold, highlighting the substantial growth during the festive season and the heightened demand for the recently updated Seltos facelift.

Kia Seltos Leads the Way

Within the Kia India lineup, which currently comprises the Seltos, Sonet, Carens, and EV6, the Seltos emerged as the best-selling model for the month. Kia sold an impressive 12,362 units of the Seltos, marking a substantial 26.44 percent increase over the 9,777 units sold in October 2022.

This translates to a 2,585 unit volume growth, and the Seltos accounted for a substantial 50.77 percent share in the company's lineup. The strong performance also reflects a remarkable 52.73 percent MoM growth, up from the 10,558 units sold in September 2023, showcasing a 1,804 unit volume growth. The 2023 Kia Seltos received significant updates in July 2023, featuring enhanced passenger comfort and safety features.

Kia Sonet and Carens Hold Their Ground

Kia Sonet secured the second spot in sales, with 6,493 units sold in October 2023. While this marks a 14.72 percent YoY decline compared to the 7,614 units sold in October 2022, it also signifies a substantial 30.28 percent MoM growth over the 4,984 units sold in September 2023. The Sonet currently holds a notable 26.66 percent share in the company's portfolio.

Kia Carens, the third highest-selling vehicle for Kia in October 2023, experienced a 2.26 percent YoY drop with 5,355 units sold, as opposed to 5,479 units in the same month last year. However, MoM sales showed significant improvement, growing by 23.67 percent from the 4,330 units sold in September 2023.

EV6 and Future Plans

Kia also reported sales of 141 units of the EV6 last month, with a slight decrease of 11 units compared to the 152 units sold in October 2022. There was a marginal MoM decline of 9 units compared to the 150 units sold in September 2023. Notably, Kia India has discontinued the Carnival full-size MPV due to lower demand.

As of October 2023, Kia India has achieved total sales of 2,19,702 units during the current calendar year. Throughout January to October 2023, the company sold 83,250 units of the Seltos, 73,333 units of the Sonet, and 60,817 units of the Carens MPV. Kia India's upcoming launch includes the Sonet facelift, which has been spied with detailed feature updates, promising continued success for the brand.