Honda offers substantial sedan discounts this month- City & Amaze

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Honda offers substantial sedan discounts this month- City & Amaze

Honda Car India

Honda Car India

Hurry and seize this golden opportunity to upgrade your ride with Honda's unbeatable discounts this November.

In the bustling world of automobiles, Honda India has paved the way for an extraordinary opportunity for all sedan enthusiasts. This November, the Japanese automotive giant is unveiling a remarkable array of discounts and exclusive offers on their illustrious sedan models - the Honda Amaze and the Honda City. If you've been contemplating an upgrade or eyeing a new addition to your automotive family, then look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the lucrative deals on these sensational sedans that will not only leave you captivated but also make your wallet smile. Dive in as we unveil the exciting world of Honda's irresistible discounts.

Honda Amaze: A Stellar Deal for Discerning Buyers

The Honda Amaze, a gem in the compact sedan segment, stands out with its enticing offer. Honda India is providing a total discount of a whopping Rs 67,000 on the Amaze. This extraordinary discount includes various components that make it an offer that's hard to resist:

Cash Discount - Rs 25,000

First on the list is the cash discount, an attractive Rs 25,000 straight off the sticker price. This is a significant deduction that puts more money back into your pocket.

Exchange Bonus - Rs 15,000

Honda understands the value of your current ride. They're offering an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000, encouraging you to part ways with your old vehicle and embrace the Amaze's modern allure.

Corporate Discount - Rs 3,000

For corporate customers, there's an additional corporate discount of Rs 3,000. This benefit is tailored to meet the needs of professionals and businesses alike.

Loyalty Bonus - Rs 4,000

Honda values your loyalty, and it's not overlooked. Existing Honda owners are entitled to a loyalty bonus of Rs 4,000, creating a sense of appreciation for long-term customers.

Additional Corporate Benefits - Rs 20,000

Select profile customers can enjoy additional corporate benefits worth Rs 20,000. These exclusive privileges are designed to make your Amaze ownership experience even more rewarding.

Now, let's explore the Honda Amaze's performance and specifications. The 2023 Amaze comes equipped with a potent 1.2-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates 89 bhp of power and 110 Nm of torque. You have the option of choosing between a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic gearbox. It's important to note that the diesel engine option has been discontinued due to stringent emission norms.

Honda City: Elevate Your Drives with Unbeatable Discounts

The Honda City, in its 5th generation avatar, received a subtle yet tasteful facelift, and it's now available with an enticing total discount and benefits worth Rs 88,000. Here's a breakdown of the attractive package:

Cash Discount - Rs 25,000

Honda's cash discount of Rs 25,000 for the City is a substantial offer that can significantly reduce the cost of your new sedan.

Exchange Bonus - Rs 15,000

The exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 sweetens the deal, making it even more appealing for those considering trading in their existing vehicle for the latest Honda City.

Corporate Discount - Rs 5,000

Corporate customers aren't left out either, with an exclusive corporate discount of Rs 5,000. This corporate benefit is tailored to meet the needs of businesses and professionals.

Loyalty Bonus - Rs 4,000

For Honda loyalists, there's a loyalty bonus of Rs 4,000. It's Honda's way of showing appreciation to customers who have stood by the brand.

Warranty Package - Worth Rs 13,000

The VX and ZX variants of the Honda City come with a special 5-year warranty package worth Rs 13,000. This package provides additional peace of mind to new owners.

Honda to Honda Exchange Bonus - Rs 6,000

For those upgrading from an existing Honda vehicle to the new City, there's a special exchange bonus of Rs 6,000. This unique offer recognizes the loyalty of Honda owners.

Additional Corporate Benefits - Rs 20,000

Select profile customers can enjoy an extra corporate discount worth Rs 20,000. These exclusive benefits add to the overall appeal of the City.

Now, let's delve into the specifications of the 2023 Honda City. The diesel engine option has been discontinued, and the sedan is now available only in the petrol variant. It is equipped with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder naturally aspirated i-VTEC petrol engine that delivers a robust 120 bhp of power and 145 Nm of torque. You can opt for either a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic transmission.

Honda City Hybrid eHEV: The Epitome of Savings

If you're looking for the ultimate savings, the Honda City Hybrid eHEV is the embodiment of that quest. With a staggering total discount of Rs 1 Lakh, this hybrid marvel offers unmatched advantages, including cash discounts and exchange bonuses.

The Honda City Hybrid eHEV boasts a 1.5-liter petrol engine with an Atkinson cycle. The petrol motor produces 96 bhp, while the traction motor claims an output of 107 bhp, and the generation motor produces 94 bhp. The combined result is a robust 125 bhp of power and an impressive 253 Nm of torque. These motors are seamlessly mated to an eCVT single-speed transmission, ensuring a smooth and efficient drive.