Yamaha Diwali offers on FZ-X, FZS, Fascino 125, Ray ZR 125

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Yamaha Diwali offers on FZ-X, FZS, Fascino 125, Ray ZR 125

Yamaha Fzx


Yamaha's Festive Extravaganza: Diwali Specials for Two-Wheeler Enthusiasts

As the festive season approaches, Yamaha, a name synonymous with performance and style, is set to elevate your Diwali celebrations with exclusive offers on some of its iconic motorcycles and scooters. This limited-time Diwali offer is applicable across all Yamaha showrooms nationwide, presenting an unbeatable opportunity for enthusiasts to bring home their dream ride with unprecedented benefits.

Cashback Galore: FZ-X Takes the Lead

FZ-X: Riding High with Rs 5000 Cashback

At the forefront of Yamaha's Diwali celebration is the FZ-X, a powerhouse of performance and style. Avail yourself of a generous Rs 5000 cashback on the purchase of the FZ-X during this festive season. This special offer enhances the allure of the FZ-X, making it not only a symbol of power on the road but also an irresistible deal for the discerning rider.

FZS V3 and FZS V4: Reduced Cashback, Unmatched Value

While the FZ-X steals the spotlight with its impressive cashback, the FZS V3 and FZS V4 don't lag behind. Yamaha enthusiasts can still enjoy a substantial Rs 3000 cashback on these dynamic models, combining Yamaha's signature performance with an unbeatable festive offer.

Scooter Bliss: Fascino 125 and Ray ZR 125 Join the Celebration

Fascino 125: Style Meets Savings

For those inclined towards scooters, Yamaha's Fascino 125 is a perfect blend of style and efficiency. This Diwali, ride home with an enticing Rs 3000 instant cashback on the Fascino 125, adding a touch of glamour to your festivities.

Ray ZR 125: Zooming Into Savings

The Ray ZR 125, known for its sporty design and nimble performance, is not to be left behind in the Diwali celebrations. Yamaha is offering an attractive Rs 3000 instant cashback on the purchase of the Ray ZR 125, making it an even more compelling choice for riders seeking a perfect balance of style and substance.

Additional Benefits: Low Down Payment and Finance Schemes

In addition to the exciting cashback offers, Yamaha is introducing enticing finance schemes and low down payment options, ensuring that your dream ride is not just a desire but an achievable reality. However, it's essential to note that specific details of these finance schemes may vary based on the location and individual showrooms.

Diwali, the Perfect Time for a New Ride

Diwali is traditionally a time when Indian families usher in prosperity and joy by bringing home a new vehicle. While the demand for new rides skyrockets during this festive season, Yamaha stands out by not just meeting but exceeding expectations with their exclusive Diwali offers. These limited-time promotions are designed to keep the momentum going in showrooms, providing enthusiasts with an extra incentive to make their dream purchase during this auspicious period.