Honda launches XL750 Transalp: First 100 customers can book now

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Honda launches XL750 Transalp: First 100 customers can book now

Honda XL750 Transalp


Are you ready to make history with the XL750 Transalp? Your adventure begins now!

In a world where adventure is the name of the game, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has made an exciting announcement that's set to ignite the passion of adventure enthusiasts across the nation. The highly anticipated and much-talked-about Honda XL750 Transalp is now here in India, and it's more than just a motorcycle – it's an embodiment of adventure, freedom, and exhilaration. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with us as we unveil the XL750 Transalp, designed to cater to both the daily commute and off-road escapades.

A Glimpse into the XL750 Transalp

Design and Inspiration

The Honda XL750 Transalp takes its design inspiration from the legendary Transalp of the 80s, a motorcycle that has left an indelible mark on the world of adventure biking. The modern incarnation of this iconic model features a host of upgrades and innovations. Let's delve into its captivating design:

  • Compact LED Headlamp: The XL750 Transalp boasts a sleek and efficient LED headlamp, ensuring excellent visibility on both well-lit streets and winding trails.

  • Integrated Windscreen: An integrated windscreen not only provides wind protection but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the bike.

  • Large Tank Shrouds: The XL750 Transalp's large tank shrouds exude ruggedness while also serving as functional elements, protecting the tank and adding to the bike's aerodynamics.

  • Aluminium Rear Carrier: Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of an aluminium rear carrier, designed to meet the demands of carrying gear on long journeys.

  • Five-Inch TFT Instrument Console: The motorcycle features a cutting-edge five-inch TFT instrument console, displaying a wealth of information including speedometer, tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, fuel consumption, riding modes, and engine parameters. What's more, this display is customizable, allowing riders to tailor it to their preferences. It can be controlled either via the screen itself or the switchgear on the left handlebar.

Honda XL750 Transalp

Connectivity and Convenience

One of the standout features of the Honda XL750 Transalp is its focus on connectivity and rider convenience. Let's explore what sets it apart:

  • Voice Control System: The XL750 Transalp incorporates a voice control system that connects seamlessly to your smartphone, making it easy to manage calls, messages, music, and navigation while on the move. Stay connected without taking your hands off the handlebars.

  • Emergency Stop Signal: Safety is a top priority, and the XL750 Transalp includes an emergency stop signal feature. This feature flashes the hazard lamps during sudden braking, alerting vehicles behind you to ensure a safe riding experience.

  • Automatic Turn Signal Cancelling: Never worry about accidentally leaving your turn signals on again. The motorcycle is equipped with an automatic turn signal cancelling function, adding to your overall peace of mind.

Honda XL750 Transalp

Performance and Power

The heart of the XL750 Transalp is a robust 755 cc liquid-cooled inline two-cylinder engine with a 270-degree crank. This powerplant is designed to deliver a surge of power at the top end while providing ample torque in the low to mid-rpm range. Here's what you can expect:

  • Maximum Power: The engine pumps out an impressive 67.5 kW of maximum power, ensuring thrilling acceleration and performance.

  • Peak Torque: With 75 Nm of peak torque at your disposal, conquering rugged terrain and long stretches of highway becomes an exhilarating experience.

  • Six-Speed Transmission: The engine is mated to a smooth six-speed transmission, providing precise control and adaptability to different riding conditions.

  • Advanced Engine Technology: To enhance durability and performance, the XL750 Transalp features patented Vortex flow ducts and Ni-SiC (Nickel-Silicon Carbide) coating for the cylinders, a technology shared with Honda's CRF450R and CBR1000RR-R Fireblade.

  • Throttle-By-Wire System: Choose from five distinct riding modes – Sport, Standard, Rain, Gravel, and User – thanks to the advanced throttle-by-wire system. Tailor your riding experience to your preferences and the road ahead.

  • Dual-Channel ABS: Safety is paramount, and the XL750 Transalp features dual-channel ABS, ensuring precise braking performance and control.

  • Assist Slipper Clutch: The motorcycle is equipped with an assist slipper clutch, providing smooth gear transitions and preventing wheel lock during aggressive downshifting.

Honda xl750 transalp

Suspension and Wheels

When it comes to conquering diverse terrains, the Honda XL750 Transalp is well-prepared. Its suspension system and wheel configuration are optimized for adventure:

  • Showa SFF-CA Front Forks: The motorcycle is suspended on 43 mm Showa SFF-CA upside-down (USD) front forks, ensuring excellent handling and stability.

  • Pro-Link Rear Shock: The rear shock operates through a Pro-Link system, providing a comfortable and controlled ride over varying road conditions.

  • Front and Rear Wheels: The XL750 Transalp runs on a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel, equipped with durable spokes that can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures.

The Colorful Choices

To match your personal style and taste, the Honda XL750 Transalp is available in two captivating color schemes:

  • Ross White: A timeless and elegant choice for those who appreciate classic aesthetics.

  • Matte Ballistic Black: For riders who prefer a bold and modern look, this color option offers a sleek and edgy appearance.

Be Among the First 100 Customers

Here's the exciting part: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is rolling out the red carpet for the first 100 customers. Bookings for the XL750 Transalp are now open, and it's your chance to be a part of this thrilling adventure. But that's not all – these exclusive bikes will be retailed only through the BigWing Top Line dealerships, ensuring you receive the highest level of service and support.