Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 accessories revealed in official brochure

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Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 accessories revealed in official brochure

Royal Enfield Himalayan 452

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is not just a motorcycle; it's a platform for riders to create their own unique adventure and touring experience.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is a groundbreaking model for the iconic motorcycle manufacturer. While it brings innovation and new features to the brand, it also embraces the tradition of offering a wide range of official accessories to enhance the riding experience. Designed and developed alongside the Himalayan 450 itself, these accessories have been thoughtfully created to cater to the diverse needs of its riders, be it for long-distance touring or off-road adventures.

One of the primary demographics of Himalayan riders comprises those who seek adventure and long journeys. Royal Enfield has recognized this and offers a comprehensive set of touring accessories. This range includes a tank bag, metal panniers, and a top box, all of which have been fully homologated. The metal panniers have a generous capacity of 26 liters each, while the top box offers an even larger 40-liter storage space. Notably, these panniers and the top box are compatible with the older Himalayan 411, providing a seamless transition for existing riders, although the mounting rails differ, requiring separate purchase.

For riders who prefer a more lightweight luggage solution, soft luggage options are also available to cater to their needs.

To enhance the touring experience, Royal Enfield offers several add-ons. Touring mirrors, known for their superior finish and sturdiness compared to stock mirrors, are a practical choice for riders looking for improved visibility. Additionally, a taller windscreen, 90mm taller than the stock version, helps reduce windblast during sustained highway speeds, allowing for a more comfortable ride.

Moreover, Royal Enfield provides an enhanced padded touring seat, which raises the seat height by 7mm. This adjustable seat can be set at two different heights, resulting in a seat height range of 832-852mm, catering to various rider preferences and needs.

For those who take their Himalayan 450 off-road, a range of protective accessories is readily available. These include engine guards (offering both minimalistic and prominent options), a sturdy aluminum sump guard, a metal radiator guard, and a headlight grille. These accessories provide extra peace of mind for riders venturing into challenging terrains.

In addition to these protective features, Royal Enfield offers optional handguards reinforced with an aluminum spine, providing not only protection but also a rugged aesthetic.

Many of these accessories are bundled under the Adventure Pack, making it convenient for riders to equip their Himalayan 450 with the essentials for different types of journeys. However, there's more for those seeking a distinct style and performance upgrade. The Rally Pack offers a more aggressive look with a rally-style seat and tail section that raises the seat height by 34mm. This pack also includes a different handlebar option, which can be adjusted closer to the rider by 13mm and raised either 37mm or 55mm, based on the rider's preference.

It's important to note that the rally-style tail section needs to be selected at the time of purchase through the Royal Enfield MIY (Make It Yours) program. These parts are separately homologated and are not compatible with the standard Himalayan 450, making it crucial for riders to make this decision early in the purchasing process.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is not just a motorcycle; it's a platform for riders to create their own unique adventure and touring experience. With an extensive range of official accessories, riders can personalize their Himalayan 450 to suit their specific needs, whether they're planning an epic cross-country tour, an off-road adventure, or simply a more comfortable daily commute. These well-designed and fully homologated accessories not only enhance the functionality and utility of the bike but also add to its overall style and appeal, making the Himalayan 450 one of the most versatile offerings in the Royal Enfield lineup.