KTM's 2024 50 and 65 SX Mini-Crossers: Perfect for Young Riders

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KTM's 2024 50 and 65 SX Mini-Crossers: Perfect for Young Riders

KTM 50 and 65 SX Mini-Crossers


KTM's 50 and 65 SX models mimic their full-size motocross counterparts.

Introducing youngsters to the world of motorcycling through off-road riding is a thrilling and safe way to ignite their passion for two-wheelers. After all, street riding is still a few years away for these future riders. Fortunately, the market now offers a plethora of kid-focused off-road motorcycles, ranging from electric to internal combustion engines. Leading the charge in this exciting segment is KTM.

KTM: A Dominant Force in Off-Road Riding

KTM, often referred to as Team Orange, stands tall in the off-road industry. Renowned for its winning motocross and rally machines, the brand's commitment extends to grassroots riding. The launch of the 2024 KTM Mini-Crossers underscores KTM's dedication to nurturing young talent. These small-displacement off-road bikes are modeled after KTM's SX range for adults, with the ultimate goal of shaping competitive athletes for the future.

Two Exciting Models

In the 2024 lineup, young riders have two exceptional choices: the KTM 50 SX and the KTM 65 SX. These bikes mirror scaled-down versions of the full-size KTM SX motorcycles, offering an authentic experience to budding riders. Key features include a new steel frame with a lightweight fiberglass-reinforced subframe and height adjustability to accommodate the growth of young riders. Notably, the KTM 65 SX was developed with valuable input from international test riders, ensuring young racers have access to top-tier equipment for future success.

The KTM 50 SX: Power and Precision

The KTM 50 SX impresses with an updated engine boasting increased displacement, delivering more power while remaining suitable for young riders. The bike is adaptable, allowing adjustments to match the rider's evolving skills. It also features a larger one-piece radiator and a digital ignition system, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

The KTM 65 SX: Performance at its Best

The larger KTM 65 SX receives numerous upgrades, including an updated engine, radiator, and airbox. It also benefits from the same digital ignition system featured in the KTM 50 SX. These enhancements collectively elevate the riding experience for young adventurers.

Premium Suspension by WP

Just like their larger counterparts, the KTM 50 and 65 SX models come equipped with top-tier suspension hardware from WP. A 35-millimeter WP XACT AER fork at the front and a WP XACT monoshock at the rear offer complete adjustability, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride for young enthusiasts.


Both the KTM 50 and 65 SX models are set to hit KTM dealerships in November 2023. These mini-crossers are poised to capture the hearts of young riders and provide a thrilling introduction to the world of motorcycling.