Honda ignites Indian roads with H’ness CB350, elegance, and power

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Honda ignites Indian roads with H’ness CB350, elegance, and power

Honda H’ness CB350


Will Honda CB 350 emerge as a formidable rival to Royal Enfield Classic 350? Time will unfold this intriguing competition.

In the realm of motorcycles, the pursuit of dreams has a name - the Honda CB series. A testament to performance, technology, and unrivaled reliability, the CB legacy has etched its history alongside riders. The latest addition, the CB 350 unveiled by Honda BigWing, sparks the question: Will it stand as a true rival to the iconic Royal Enfield Classic 350?

H’ness CB350: Royalty Redefined

A Green Roar into the Future

Your Highness, the H’ness CB350, is not just a motorcycle; it's a statement. With a gaze fixed on a greener future, this majestic ride is 2025 ready, complying with OBD-2B norms. The aggressive stance, classic aesthetics, and bold design ensure that every mile is a journey through royalty.

Honda H’ness CB350

Style That Commands

Elegance and class define the H’ness CB350. The round-shaped full LED headlamps and fire ring-type LED winkers not only illuminate the road but also announce your presence with regal flair. It's not just a ride; it's a procession.

Unleashing Power with Precision

Assist Slipper Clutch

Navigate the roads seamlessly with the assist slipper clutch. Smooth clutch operations and a slipper function that prevents rear wheel hopping during downshifting guarantee a ride of unparalleled comfort and control.

Half Duplex Cradle Frame

Crafted with precision, the half duplex cradle frame in steel pipe provides a soft steering feel. The optimized front load, achieved by mounting the engine at a low position, lowers the center of gravity, enhancing overall riding feel and maneuverability.

Mighty 350cc Engine

At the heart of the CB 350 Legacy Edition beats a mighty 350cc air-cooled, 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine. Its purpose? To deliver smooth acceleration and elevate the joy of riding to new heights.

Roaring Exhaust Note

Your H’ness CB350 is not just seen; it's heard. The crisp throb of its engine results in a rich and thumpy exhaust note, ensuring that every ride is a symphony of power and precision.

Honda H’ness CB350

Connectivity Redefined

Honda Smartphone Voice Control System (HSVCS)

Command your H’ness with the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System. This groundbreaking technology connects your phone to the bike via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive calls, read messages, play music, use navigation, and check the weather - all at the command of your voice or handle-mounted switch unit.

Honda RoadSync

Stay connected with the roads using Honda RoadSync. Control your motorcycle effortlessly from the handlebars through the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System. It's not just a ride; it's an immersive experience.

Honda H’ness CB350

Safety First, Always

Dual Channel ABS and Hazard Switch

Your Highness takes safety seriously. Equipped with a dual-channel ABS, featuring a front 310mm large disc brake and a 240mm rear disc brake, the H’ness CB350 ensures that wheels don't lock up in emergency situations. The hazard switch, with flashing indicator lights, adds an extra layer of safety for emergency stops and low visibility conditions.

Honda H’ness CB350

Customized Royalty

For the first time, Honda presents customized versions of the H’ness CB350, allowing riders to tailor their Highness according to their preferences. With four distinct customizations, including DLX, DLX PRO, DLX PRO CHROME, and the exclusive LEGACY EDITION, riders can truly make the H’ness their own.

Honda H’ness CB350

Choose Your Colors


  • Mat Massive Grey Metallic
  • Mat Marshal Green Metallic
  • Precious Red Metallic
  • Pearl Nightstar Black


  • Pearl Nightstar Black
  • Mat Massive Grey Metallic
  • Athletic Blue Metallic
  • Mat Marshal Green Metallic

Technical Specifications

  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke, SI Engine
  • Displacement: 348.36cc
  • Max Net Power: 15.5kW @ 5500 rpm
  • Max Net Torque: 30N-m @ 3000 rpm
  • Fuel System: PGM-FI
  • Bore x Stroke: 70.000 X 90.519
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Starting Method: Self Start


For riders in Delhi, the CB 350 Legacy Edition is available in various models with the following on-road prices:

  • DLX: Rs.238,807
  • DLX PRO: Rs.242,083
  • DLX PRO CHROME: Rs.244,266
  • LEGACY EDITION: Rs.245,906