2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS: First Ride Experience Revealed

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2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS: First Ride Experience Revealed

Ducati Multistrada


Ducati's Fourth-Generation Multistrada Pushes Boundaries.

Since its shift to the Granturismo V-4 platform in 2021, the Multistrada has represented the more conservative side of Ducati's two-wheel offerings. Whether it's the Multistrada Rally with its 19-inch front wheel and off-road prowess or the Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour with its advanced rider aids, all Multistradas share a common DNA: they are engaging, versatile, and sensible all-rounders.The all-new Multistrada V4 RS has taken the legacy of the Multistrada lineup to a whole new level. With more high-performance and exclusivity than ever before, this motorcycle embodies the epitome of Ducati's sophisticated sports attitude. Let's delve into what makes the Multistrada V4 RS truly extraordinary.

A No-Compromise Approach

The Multistrada V4 RS is a motorcycle that leaves no room for compromise. It features a desmodromic engine, dry clutch, and meticulous attention to detail. This blend of performance and sophistication represents the finest Ducati has to offer in the world of sports motorcycles.

Racing DNA

This Multistrada is the embodiment of racing DNA. Lightweight, high-performance, and designed to deliver an exhilarating sports riding experience. It's powered by the Desmosedici Stradale engine, boasts a dry clutch, and is packed with sophisticated, race-derived technologies and components.

Exclusivity and Sophistication

From the titanium subframe to the sporty tail section, every aspect of the Multistrada V4 RS exudes exclusivity and sophistication. The livery, along with prestigious components, showcases a unique personality that's as much about aesthetics as it is about performance.

Extreme, Even in Comfort

The Multistrada V4 RS is a bike that pushes boundaries, even when it comes to comfort. It combines the thrill of Desmo racing with the pleasure of a Multistrada. Equipped with radar technology and optional side cases, this motorcycle caters to those who won't settle for less.

Ducati Multistrada

Superbike Engine

At the heart of the Multistrada V4 RS lies the Desmosedici Stradale with a dry clutch and desmodromic timing. An engine that's designed for the track and delivers uncompromising high-octane performance.

Designed to Be Noticed

With its exclusive design featuring Iceberg White livery and MotoGP-inspired graphic elements, the Multistrada V4 RS is a true head-turner. It's a bike that demands attention wherever it goes.

The Luxury of Not Having to Choose

Whether you're seeking excitement on the track or embarking on unforgettable road journeys, the Multistrada V4 RS adds a new dimension of exclusivity to your Multistrada experience.

Maximum Comfort, Pure Sports Attitude

This motorcycle is equipped with everything you've ever desired and more. It offers a supremely comfortable yet exhilarating ride, and there's always room to add extra features to enhance your experience.

Ready to Travel

Combining supersport character with Multistrada's versatility, the Multistrada V4 RS is ready for various types of luggage. It can accommodate plastic side cases, tank bags, passenger seat bags, and boasts a larger windshield.

Desmosedici Stradale: Racing DNA

With a specific version of the 1103 cc Desmosedici Stradale engine, the Multistrada V4 RS delivers 180 hp of pure racing performance. It combines the sports prowess Ducati is known for with the family's characteristic balance.

Ducati Multistrada

Dry Clutch: An Unmistakable Signature

Just like its superbike siblings, the Panigale V4 R and V4 SP, the Multistrada V4 RS features the STM EVO-SBK dry clutch in billet aluminum. It ensures a smooth ride when braking and shifting and delivers that unmistakable Ducati sound when the clutch is disengaged.

Electronics Beyond State-of-the-Art

The Multistrada V4 RS comes with a state-of-the-art electronics package, including front and rear radar technology for Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection. It also features Full Power Mode and Race Riding Mode, providing maximum power and a prompt throttle response.

Multistrada Aesthetic: Form Follows Function

The Multistrada V4 RS seamlessly blends the elegant and dynamic Multistrada aesthetic with signature style elements from Ducati's supersport bikes. Carbon fiber components, an Iceberg White livery, technopolymer tail section, and a titanium subframe highlight the sports attitude of this exceptional motorcycle, with a 2.5 kg weight saving compared to the standard subframe.

The Multistrada V4 RS represents the pinnacle of Ducati's Multistrada lineup, pushing the boundaries of performance, sophistication, and exclusivity. It's a bike designed for those who demand the very best in their riding experience